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To perform the video, there are certain requirements that need to be met in order for the video to be acceptable.

The video must meet these basic requirements:

  • Must be in DVD format.

  • Must be in color (any black & white, cloudy, fuzzy, or otherwise unclear video will be returned for re-submission).

  • Must show the address of the lateral on a continuous video with the lateral condition.

  • Must show the date the video was taken.

  • Must clearly show the clean out or access point used to insert the camera into the lateral.

  • Must have a running foot or time marker clearly visible on the screen.

  • Must briefly stop the camera where joints are present at each to clearly indicate their integrity,

  • Must have the date the DVD was submitted to the City written on the DVD along with the address of the inspection site and telephone number for the point of contact.

  • Must show entire sewer lateral from the structure to the connection on the city’s main sewer.

  • Must identify any other clean out riser pipe connections (property line clean outs), in the total length of the lateral.

A video will help the officials to determine  the condition of the lateral and produce the report.
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